Tour of Colosseum and Ancient Rome - Vavitour
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Colosseum and Ancient Rome


-Palatine Hill and Roman Forum

-Capitol hill

From the birth of Rome on the Palatine Hill to the beginning of democracy in the Roman Forum, life and death in the bloody Colosseum: we’ll experience the most fascinating insight into the golden history of Rome.

This classic tour is designed to illustrate all of the best that Ancient Rome has to offer. Starting with the Colosseum, we’ll be able to see inside what is left of the original impressive structure, speaking about materialias, tecniques and design. I’ll not forget to tell you about the famous Gladiators, “life and death” on the arena, mith and truth about their lifes. Not only movies!

The Palatine hill is the place where almost all the emperors used to live, and presumptively even the hill where the foundation of Rome took place, according to the legend by Romolus and Remus, the mithological twins raised by a she-wolf. The views from the Palatine are amazing, overlooking the Circus Maximus on one side and the Forum on the other. The Roman Forum is a large archeological site: we’ll be walking through the ruins of the most important civil buildings and pagan temples wich once were the heart of Rome – that is “downtown”- where social, political, religious and commercial activities took place.

It’s such a fascinating experience to step on the original roads where emperors, senators and even Giulius Caesar strolled along.

  • Skip-the line-entrance to the Colosseum and Roman Forum
  • Please be aware that due to new security regulation we could wait a little line of max 10 minutes (in busy days) to be checked by the Police and metal detectors at the Colosseum entrance. No water or liquid is permitted inside the Colosseum, only emty bottles to refill inside.
  • Kids friendly tour available