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Experience & inspiration… from Rome with love


I’m a good walker and I’ve always loved exploring Rome on foot, losing myself in the tangled streets of the historic centre. Years ago, when I was an art history student at the University of Rome, I used to take a walk in the center just to break the crazy endless afternoons spent studying on books. It was a relaxing surprise to discover Rome works of art spread all over and each corner. My favourite were always neighbourhoods like Monti or Piazza Navona area, sometimes Trastevere. I still love the aroma of freshly ground coffee that comes out of the cafes, the strange sound of birds in the summer evening near the Tiber River, the bread healthy smell, coming out of an old fashion bakery, that fills up your heart before then your stomach.




These are what I call “Experiences”: my personal ones, working, living and loving Rome every day, intensively. I don’t know if someone would ever reach a full insight of Rome but I want to share my experiences to offer you a way to live Rome the deepest way possible. Living and working in Rome not only as “insider” but even as a passionate guide I could finally have a sense of what it really means. I just realized that all the blogs about Rome in english have been conceived and written by non-italian creative people fallen in love with Rome. They are all good and lovely but maybe not as much ‘authentic’ as a local’s point of view could be.

Maybe it’s just my personal opinion but I want to make the difference. In this blog you will find the best tips, the best suggestions, the best “know how” whether you are a traveler, a turist or simply a citizen of Rome!


After more then 10 years in the city, I still get moved every time I notice a differt tone of light glancing off the Colosseum facade and I still get surprised by St Peter’s dome, looming over the skyline, as to remember us its imposing role. I’ve always thought that the Eternal City is one of the world’s most beautiful and inspiring capitals. That’s why I named a section of my blog “Inspirations”: images, sounds, colors and stories that have inspired in me a consideration, sometimes a guess, sometimes a personal opinion which I will never pretend to be someone else’s.

This is my “free” diary, my personal way to live Rome and I’d like to share it with you.

Hope you’ll love it!

You can find out more about my life and background in about me and you can follow me on Facebook and Instagram.