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I’ve been often told that Rome is overwhelming. Yes, I have to admit the beauty of Rome can easily overwhelm with all its layers of history, different eras which coexist side by side, amazing pieces of art, grand monuments and stories to be told. My job would be complicated without understanding that even the finest work of art can become accessible if it’s brought back to life.


If you live Rome the way I do, as a big “surprise” in each corner, everywhere and every single day, it would help you realize that three thousand years of history can be experienced as one infinite present moment and that we shouldn’t be intimidated. If you want to follow me in this adventure, I’ll be happy to tell you about the glory of Ancient Rome, to show you the flourishing baroque art but even all the surprising modernity of today’s Rome architecture.


My aim is to take care of you on each tour from start to finish, planning only the best for you and your trip. Let’s start to design our tour together, there are plenty of opportunities and the next one is only yours!

Valentina Di Pietro in Sicily
Valentina Amalfi Coast 2016
Valentina Tour Guide Rome


I’m an art historian, graduated with honors (MA -Art History) at the University of Rome. My major then was modern and contemporary art, since I’ve been working for several years for modern art galleries and dealers. When I got the license to be an “official guide of Rome” I decided to dedicate all my passion and effort to this job, but still keeping a bond with my background in the modern art field.


I was finally happy to find my way to match these two strong interests of mine when I realized that all the other guides in Rome were doing always the same “classical” tours: that’s why I decided to propose something different, exclusive special tours of Modern and Contemporary Rome, which is a different and very interesting part of the Eternal City.


It’s the first time that this kind of tours is offered in Rome and I can say I’m the only guide able to organize customized contemporary art tours and personal shopping, since I have been connected to this world for such a long time.


My passion for art, design and architecture of Rome is the soul of my Blog. Travel, lifestyle, fashion and food are all my other interests and you can find more about them following my blog posts and even my facebook and instagram pages.