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Yes, I have finally arrived to this Capital of the World! I now see all the dreams of my youth coming to life…


Only in Rome is it possible to understand Rome.


J. W. von Goethe in “Italian Journey”

Colosseo and Ancient Rome


Discover the Colosseum, Rome’s most beloved attraction, where you’ll start your journey into Ancient Rome. Skip the line to gain immediate access to the Colosseum, Palatino and Roman Forum: you’ll hear exciting stories that will bring these ruins to life.

From the birth of Rome on the Palatine Hill to the beginning of democracy in the Roman Forum, life and death in the bloody Colosseum: walking along the ruins you’ll experience the most fascinating insight into the golden history of Rome.

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Get ready to a unique insight into one of the most important historical and religious destinations on the planet without waiting in line.

The Vatican Museums boast one of the world’s greatest classical statuary collections, displayed along about 7km galleries. Enjoy its highlights, including the Pope’s rooms frescoed by Raphael, feel the power of Michelangelo-painted Sistine Chapel and the richness of St. Peter’s Basilica deep inside your vains.

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Saint Peter Rome Night
[cover_boxes active_element=”1″ title1=”HIGHLIGHTS ROMEWALKING TOUR CITY CENTER” text1=”Discover the real atmosphere of Rome with a fascinating stroll in the historical center. The Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Spanish steps: these are only some of the best sites of Rome.” link1=”” link_label1=”READ MORE” target1=”_self” title2=”BAROQUE ROME” text2=”Designed to offer a fulfilled understanding of Baroque art and architecture this tour includes some of the most famous masterpieces by Bernini and Caravaggio.” link2=”” link_label2=”READ MORE” target2=”_self” title3=”BORGHESE GALLERY” text3=”Located in the beautiful Borghese Gardens, the museum started by cardinal Scipione Borghese is one of the most incredible collections in the world and a treasure itself.” link3=”” link_label3=”READ MORE” target3=”_self” image1=”731″ image2=”611″ image3=”613″]
[cover_boxes active_element=”2″ title1=”UNDERGROUND ROME” text1=”Explore mysterious architecture beneath the streets of Rome: crypts, houses, catacombs and temples of ancien times buried under the everyday modern city.” link1=”” link_label1=”READ MORE” target1=”_self” title2=”CASTLE SANT’ANGELO” text2=”Visit the museum that was originally Hadrian’s tomb and later used as fortress, prison, and papal residence: historically one of the most important places with its 2000 years of history.” link2=”” link_label2=”READ MORE” target2=”_self” title3=”APPIAN WAY & ANCIENT AQUEDUCTS” text3=”Surrounded by the amazing nature of Rome countryside, you’ll step on the original roman stones of the Appian Way to reach a great engineering feat: ancient aqueducts.” link3=”” link_label3=”READ MORE” target3=”_self” image1=”732″ image2=”689″ image3=”683″]
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Maxxi Red Rome


A unique immersive experience into Rome’s Contemporary Art world, only for truely modern art lovers.

Rome is not only classics: these are the only exclusive guided tours to modern and contemporary art that you can find in Rome. Art and architecture in museums such as the MAXXI, young art galleries, foreign Academies of Art and artists studios based in Rome will provide you with an immersive and inspiring experience to be forever impressed in your memory.

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[cover_boxes active_element=”3″ title1=”MODERN & CONTEMPORARY ARCHITECTURE IN ROME” text1=”Get ready to discover a new, unexpected modern side of Rome: the evolution of urban landscape gave space to some interesting new architectural masterpieces.” link1=”” link_label1=”READ MORE” target1=”_self” title2=”CONTEMPORARY ART MUSEUMS” text2=”The MAXXI and the MACRO are the 2 top Museums of Contemporary art in Rome and works of art themself. Visit with me their collections and always new exhibitions.” link2=”” link_label2=”READ MORE” target2=”_self” title3=”ART GALLERIES AND ARTISTS STUDIOS” text3=”A unique full immertion experience into Rome Contemporary art word. Get the chance to meet artists in their studios and enjoy the most intriguing art galleries.” link3=”” link_label3=”READ MORE” target3=”_self” image1=”687″ image2=”695″ image3=”693″]
[cover_boxes active_element=”1″ title1=”STREET ART IN ROME” text1=”Maybe you don’t know that Rome has a new map designed by more than 120 street artists coming from all over the world. Discover the new colors of the city.” link1=”” link_label1=”READ MORE” target1=”_self” title2=”PERSONAL SHOPPER” text2=”If you need someone to show you a different way to shop, knowing what it’s left of ‘Made in Italy’, this is the right way to experience roman lifestyle and fashion.” link2=”” link_label2=”READ MORE” target2=”_self” title3=”PERSONAL SHOPPER: ART, DESIGN & ANTIQUES” text3=”If you are searching for a special work of art or design item, antiques or vintage gems, Rome offers you a variety of galleries and stores just ready to be discovered.” link3=”” link_label3=”READ MORE” target3=”_self” image1=”691″ image2=”699″ image3=”701″]


Get a taste of the authentic roman food, touring the neighborhoods, markets and trattorias which locals have been eating in for centuries. Just for real foodies!

The most popular and authentic quarters of Rome host great restaurant, bakeries, pizzerias, gelato and pastry shops, wine bars, local markets with only DOC regional products, always fresh and of very high quality. Meet the people and their food traditions: you will learn their recipes and secrets. Food is strictly part of the culture and history of the Eternal City.

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spaghetti carbonara rome foodtour
tiramisu rome food tour


Our private tours are exclusive and unique experiences. If you are with your partner, family or friends, this is the best way to share unforgettable mamories which will be only yours.


Tell me which are your preferences and needs: I’ll plan taylor made tours only for you and I’ll provide you with useful tips too. Get your personal tour on demand.


My tour guide licence was released by the City of Rome in 2011. I’ve been working only for luxury travel agents and tour operators specialized in private services.


Accuracy, knowledge and positive attitude are my main qualities. My aim is to share what I learned but also to make your experience the easiest and funniest.


You will not waste your time waiting for hours: touring with me you’ll be able to skip all queues because I can book tickets in advance if you need it.


Contact me and we’ll plan our tour together. Don’t waste your time and money, skip the intermediary and speak directly with me, I’ll accomodate all your requests.


To have a personal guide means to bypass all the complicated passages of a booking process and to enjoy the fulfillment to be guided on the right path, care-free.


Kids are always welcome! We can definitely organize a specific tour for them, taking into account their energy and patience. Find out more about my tours for kids.

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Experiences and Inspirations: I want to share my personal ones to offer a way to live Rome the deepest way possible. Working, living and loving Rome every day, intensively.

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